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nighttime ramblings

Woo hoo! Today I got five items from my to do list for the week done as well as two that I had forgotten to put on it. That's actually good considering the length of time that a few of the items took to get done. I decided to try scheduling the day up tomorrow to see if I can streamline more of the activities. I don't like working this way, but I think I might need to do it if I want to get everything done from the list. This week is actually a full week just with stuff around the house, and I have things going on outside the house as well.

My pain level is up lately, but my brain is behaving for the most part. My nose is another story. I'm hoping that my major cleaning project will fix that problem somehow. Now you know what I'm doing awake at this crazy hour! I should go to bed--my schedule starts in four hours and 15 minutes.

C will be here quite a bit this week. I'm trying to arrange a little surprise for her on Saturday... If it pans out, I'll have quite a story to tell.

I'm taking a continuing ed course on Wednesday evenings this month, so that starts this week. Dad is going to sit in with me--the class is being taught by an AU professor and is open without credit to people in the community as well. Dad cracked me up the other day asking, "Why are you taking that?" It's a course that tends to be extremely visual. I said, "Because it fascinates me." Fortunately, the professor is very open-minded and interested in making it as accessible as he can... Dad will help, too. He doesn't realize how good he is at making things like diagrams and maps accessible for me, even verbally. (No, he doesn't read my LJ, so I'm not getting strokes for this or anything.)

I'm also making a point to get more involved in social activities and network with people in the church and community. This is something I hoped to achieve from the time I moved back from Florida. I knew that it would happen in time; and it seems to be happening without a lot of fuss as I give attention to the things that matter to me spiritually (including connecting with people who share my faith). This is something I think I need to write about at some point ... but not tonight.


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