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poll answers

Ok, if you have already filled out the poll...

I was born during an interstate family move.

True. I was born three months early. My delivery was very unexpected and very fast--30 minutes after arrival at the hospital. My parents were staying overnight with my dad's brother on their way from Oklahoma to Mississippi.

I have had several major surgeries.

That depends on how you look at it. I think of "major surgery" in terms of heart surgery, etc. In that sense, my surgeries have not been "major." Most were considered out-patient procedures. All of my surgeries have been on my eyes and nose.

I played in the school band.

False. I sang in the choir.

My family lived in the same house for 22 years.

False, though we lived in the same state for 22 years. We moved into one house when I was seven, and the house was home base until I was 26.

I have never broken a bone.

True. And that's all.

I have gone rock climbing.

True. During the summer when I was 14 years old, I was part of a group from the Texas School for the Blind that went on a rock climbing expedition. I remember very little of it--I'm really not an outdoorsy person.

I have explored a cave.

True. As a part of my rock climbing experience, the group I was with went through a rock cave. Contrary to some people's experience, it was not a confidence booster for me. I was a tiny kid (under five ft tall and less than 90 pounds), and two aspects of the experience were terrifying to me. At one point we were supposed to stretch across a chasm in order to continue. I was not tall enough to make it across, and I required assistance. I was deathly afraid of falling or being dropped. At the end of the cave, getting out required hefting oneself up over a ledge which was as high as my chin. I tried a number of times to do this using my arms but eventually someone hoisted me out. I truly have no desire to repeat this kind of experience.

I caught the measles during an epidemic in 1987.

False. There was, indeed, an epidemic in Houston in 1987; however, I was vaccinated and did not catch the measles.

I attended a Methodist church for two years.

False. I attended a Nazarene church for a couple of years during childhood; and as an adult I spent three years at an Assembly of God, about a year at a Baptist church, and several months at various times in nondenominational churches as well as a few periods of no church at all. My primary affiliation is Church of God, non-Pentecostal.

I was married for three years.

False. I was married for just over two years. I just like slightly false questions, in case it isn't obvious.

I am allergic to cats and dogs.

True. I found this out after I already had both; and I chose to continue keeping them over the years. I have built up a good immunity, for which I am extremely grateful.

I once got locked out of my house while wearing my pajamas.

True. I lived in a place with a lock on the doorknob that you can turn so that no one can come in from the outside but you can exit from inside. My dog needed to go out badly; so I pulled on a big coat and out we went, shutting the door behind--with the knob still locked. Fortunately, my parents had a key to my house. It just meant that I waited around while they drove over. I have many other stories about being locked out as well.

I stuck my hand in an ant pile when I was a little girl.

True. I was in the first grade, and I truly did not like to get dirty. I was crawling through a tunnel on a playground, and there was a large fire ant hill at the other end. Fortunately, it was the school playground. I stuck my hand right in the ant pile as my teacher urged me to come out, telling me that the dirt really wasn't so bad. Then I got to meet the school nurse. Needless to say, my dislike of dirt got a whole lot worse that day.

I fell in a hole and got stuck when I was a child.

True. When I was about five, we had a big hole in our back yard that was, unfortunately, just the right size for my leg. I was usually very good at going around it; but one day I ran through the yard and stepped right into it. I yelled and yelled for my mom to come from the house. She got very angry and yelled out the window, "Sarah Jane, come in the house if you need something!" Of course, eventually she did come out and haul me out of the hole.

I have worked as a telemarketer.

True. For a few months I worked with a company that sold health insurance. I got tired of the dishonesty required of us and quit.


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