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"untouchable" theologies

It's been a while since I've written--and this is not going to be a super-substantial entry. I'm just blowing off a little steam for the sake of getting in the swing of writing.

I am feeling "theologically rebellious." I've been intentionally quiet on this here blog because I've been doing a lot of thinking. I am deeply engrossed in my Church of God course. (Is it a history course or a theology course or some mixture of the two? That is a topic for another post.) I am more and more convinced that my "place" is here--some people go to Church of God schools and end up leaving the movement. I'm having a whole lot of very deep thoughts that I really don't feel ready to put in words yet. For now, I will say only that I dislike subtle messages about "untouchable" topics: dispensationalism, Calvinism, "evangelicalism," and a few others. I never got any of these subtle messages from my theology professors, and I'm very thankful because I needed to learn not to intimidate so easily. Someday I'll do some writing along the lines of what I learn from reading theologies I don't agree with. Obviously, I learn about why I think the way I do. But I also learn that sometimes we aren't so far apart as I think we are. Sometimes I have serious misconceptions about the theology in question. I've heard some amazing characterizations of some above-mentioned theologies that I truly can't buy, even if I don't agree with said theologies.

I feel better now, I think.


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