Sarah Blake LaRose (3kitties) wrote,
Sarah Blake LaRose

Voice Post: Weather Update and Just Checking In

507K 2:40
“In this particular voice post, 3kitties mentions that she’s been busy today doing homework and scanning and all that jazz, and she’s trying to make an extra effort to post in her journal a bit more often, so here she is, doing some laundry and thought she’d come in and check on things. She mentions that she’s supposed to get 6 inches of snow this weekend in her neck of the woods, and this is definitely a milestone for her, because she has never seen snow fall in March before! Word of commentary here from the voice post transcriber, “Welcome to my world lol!” But anyway, yep, looks as if spring won’t be here for her until 3/21, and it better be nice, walkable weather, with no snow on the ground at that point! Of course, she is then reminded of doing a voice post last summer when she wished for fall, and her room mate said, “I’ll give you fall,” and she fell on the floor! And now, at this very moment, 3kitties regrets ever making that wish for an early fall, especially as a result, having a snow fall in March! And well, she’s trying to talk herself out of ordering a pizza for dinner, and decides she’ll stop rambling about nothing, and ends the voice post!”

Transcribed by: celrock
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