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the PDA adventure

The PDA experiment has begun.

I bought an HP IPAQ 210 and am attempting to run MobileSpeak Pocket version 2.0, a text-to-speech program for the Pocket PC and Pocket PC phone. I have the version for smart phones on my Motorola Q so am generally familiar with how the program functions.

The IPAQ 210 is not on MSP's list of supported devices. The list is somewhat dated--the HP PDA non-phones on the list are all from the HX series. Very few of these are still supported by HP. Hence my experiment.

MSP installed with no problems except that I at first installed an older version and had to uninstall that and install the newer version to check on the problems I am about to describe. They still happen with 2.0. So I have written to the company that makes MSP to see whether they might work on a fix. My next step will be to wait for the arrival of my bluetooth keyboard and test with that. If the unit works with the keyboard, I will use it anyway. If not, I will return it and go with a supported model. This unit has a superior battery life, and I hope for that reason not to need to return it.

What works? MSP reads the menus, and I can get into and out of things appropriately. I can also use the virtual keys on the touch screen.

What does not work? There are some conflicts with loading MSP's mappings to the hardware keys. They don't load, so the hardware keys function only for PDA functions. This means that I cannot use them to execute MSP commands. This is a problem.

MSP has a feature called the start wizard which allows a person to learn the commands on a series of screens. In order to use the wizard, it is necessary to press the right arrow key to move through the series of screens. This does not work. Essentially, the start wizard is nonfunctional.

There seem to be some problems with the keyboard simulator. Keyboard simulator mode cannot be exited without doing a soft reset. I have learned that keyboard simulator mode utilizes the hardware keys to produce letters. So I don't know if this problem would resolve if the other problems were addressed.

We will see what happens. For now, I am returning to homework mode. The bluetooth keyboard should be here by Wednesday, at which time my papers should be in and I can play some more.


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