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As I hunt for the best braille display option for my personal needs with the PDA, I thought this article might be of interest to some readers: Connecting the Dots: Life Beyond Notetakers - AccessWorld .... It is a comparison of various PDA-compatible braille display options with a good explanation of PDA access vs. proprietary "PDA-like" devices for people who are blind.

I am also about to pull the plug on another big purchase: an upgraded laptop with a dual-core processor and 3 GB of RAM. My current laptop falls quite short of this though it is a good unit. If I had understood things like RAM and solo vs. dual-core processors 18 months ago, I would have been a better buyer. I have learned so much since then that it is difficult for me to settle on purchases now and I often find that I am buying stuff that is just being released. That makes laptop buying hard since I want to stick with XP, but I've found the machine.

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