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technology update

I am now using a "baby braille display"--and it is wireless, which means I can write and read when my head hurts! I am one happy person today!

An update on the PDA experiment... The HP IPAQ 210 did not work with MobileSpeak. I have now gotten hold of an HX2795. MSP works nicely on it, but I am still learning things like how to make bluetooth work with it. I do seriously like the case that came with it! There is room inside for the stowaway keyboard, and I seriously think the entire IPAQ/keyboard/display deal is not any more weight than the Braillenote PK. It may be lighter... The PK supposedly weighs 0.99 pounds; but perhaps it is the way the weight is distributed that makes the weight awkward to me.

Two weeks or so left on the MSP license. I think that eventually I will be quite happy.

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