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the story of the ethernet drive

Ok, in order to update about this, I have to explain what I bought. I bought a network drive. It connects to the router via ethernet and the idea is I can access my files away from home. It's a nice idea since I work on things at home on the desktop and occasionally forget them when I leave for class, etc.

There is a problem. In order to make this work, I have to buy a piece of software. I don't mind this, although I think they should include it with the product. It's a philosophical issue. Whatever... The software installed successfully, but the registration screens are completely unreadable with a screen reader. I am wondering what other solutions are out there for remote access to drives like this... Perhaps the purchase wasn't really a waste and I just need different software... The technology amusement continues...

The level 2 support people were extremely patient and helpful. They sat on the phone while I rebooted, etc. When we finally figured out there is just no way for me to access this software independently, the guy told me how to at least access the drive via my local network. So at least I have a hoard of space now.

The crusade goes on...

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