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lost kitties and happy endings

Sarah and 3 kitties says:
Christy and hurricaneamy's kitty has been missing since Saturday and it's 17 degrees outside.
Sarah and 3 kitties says:
He's the one that was really really sick recently.
CorrieCo says:
I saw that... that's bad.
CorrieCo says:
I've never had a happy ending to a missing kitty
CorrieCo says:
Sarah and 3 kitties says:
I have had one. She's in my living room purring in the rocking chair.

I would have loved for Inca to be an indoor-only kitty from day 1. It didn't work out so well. I tried during her kittenhood; but she loved going out on the balcony (later on the porch when we were in a downstairs apartment), and I liked having her litter box out there. No big deal. She always came right back.

Well, at some point I got another apartment with a roommate--and another cat. Inca didn't like it; and she bolted out the door at the first opportunity. This complex was just across the road from a wooded area behind the old complex where I lived previously. I did not see Inca again for the rest of the night ... or the next day ... or the day after... I started to cry a lot and think about getting another cat. But I just couldn't imagine it.

On the fifth night, I heard a tell-tale meow outside--a very desperately hungry-sounding meow.

I grabbed the closest bowl I could find--one of my china bowls---and filled it with kitty food. I ran outside and sat at the roadside, calling. My precious kitty came and started to chow. I picked her up, picked up the bowl, and tried to get to my feet. But the bowl slipped from my hands and broke, shattering loudly and frightening my precious kitty. She bolted from my arms.

I went back into the apartment and sobbed my heart out. I expected her to be a goner this time. I had scared my cat. Why would she come home now?

At 4:00 the next morning, I awoke out of a dead sleep to that familiar, pitiful sound. MEOOOOW!

This time I had a better idea. I locked the dogs and my roommate's cat in the bedroom, filled a bowl with cat food, put it on the kitchen floor, and opened the front door wide. "Iiiiiiiiinca!"

Moments later, soft jingling came through the door, and Inca was munching happily. I closed the front door and got on the floor beside my cat. She had lost a lot of weight, but she was alive and unhurt! Amazingly, she had survived--probably by hunting small animals in the wooded area! There were much bigger animals in the East Texas woods, not to mention humans who shot them for sport. But my kitty was home.

Over the years since that fall in 1997, I have "lost" my cat countless times. While living in Florida, it was almost a routine thing to hear the words, "Inca got out." Fortunately, I now live in an apartment with doors at the top and bottom of the stairs, and Inca is afraid of the traffic on the busy street where I live. But my cat is a survivor.

Sometimes lost kitty stories do have happy endings. And btw, Christy and hurricaneamy did find their kitty.


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