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the PDA journey

The PDA is slowly coming to life. I have successfully gotten the Brailliant paired. I hope to work on the keyboard again later. Right now the connection is still unsecured. I tried taking notes in church on Sunday, but the keyboard must have turned itself off after a few minutes of inactivity. I couldn't get it to reconnect again.

I am going about the task of loading up storage cards for this thing. It doesn't support high capacity micro SD cards, so I scrounged until I found a rare non-HC card that was 4GB. It works. Woo hoo! The PDA has two card slots (micro SD and compactflash), so I'm also loading up a 32GB compactflash. (I've read that there is such a thing as a 64GB one, but I couldn't find one to buy.)

The journey continues...

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