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school stuff

The School of Theology just put out a new catalog and totally revamped the M.Div. degree. I have been on a track for an M.Div. in pastoral care and Christian education... However, the new M.Div. is a one-track deal designed to lessen the number of hours for everyone. It also eliminates the various tracks. And courses have been renumbered, etc. Because of all this, they took away most of the pastoral care and Christian ed classes, which were what I needed at this point.

The "new catalog" requires two years of a language--not a problem since I had planned to do a year of Greek and another year of Hebrew anyway. So I began looking at the possible advantages of going to "the new catalog." Amazingly, it would make it possible for me to graduate a *YEAR* early! I had taken some courses just because they were interesting to me, like theology and leadership of worship (last spring) and homiletics (right now). These become required courses under the new catalog. My two remaining Bible classes are not required if I change catalogs. So all that is left is a handful of courses.

There was only one problem with this. That handful of courses would lay out so that I would need one course besides my CPE by the end of next spring. I wasn't very happy about this.

Then I found out something amazing!

One of the courses I had listed in my proposed schedule for this fall is a redesign of a course I have already taken! This means I can take that extra course in the fall and not be in another 15-hour semester! This means I will only lack CPE by the end of next spring; and if I can get a placement the following summer, I will graduate at that time.

So this summer I will do Greek and an independent study for my own personal interest. I anticipate this to be a rather low impact experience, which I need badly. (I am not training with a new dog, so I can proceed with Greek at a normal pace.) I'll do second year Hebrew during the year along with three other courses each semester. And yes, oh yes, this degree shall be mine!


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Apr. 11th, 2008 02:41 am (UTC)
This must be the time for people to find out they get to graduate early, because my roommate found out the same thing about a month ago. That's good news for you! Good luck, and hope it all works out as intended!
Apr. 11th, 2008 02:53 am (UTC)
graduating early
Very cool re your roommate's news! What is she studying?
Apr. 11th, 2008 02:56 am (UTC)
Re: graduating early
She's studying communications. She's technically not completely done, but she'll walk in May, when she thought she'd walk next year. And then she'll be working full time and doing some school part time, but it's to earn her extra PR certificate. But at least she'll already have the degree and hopefully that might mean more and better job opportunities for her.
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