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incident at the store

As I'm walking down the bra aisle in the store--moving with my hand on the dog's harness--someone stopped me and asked, "Can your dog be petted, or is she working?"

I said politely, "She's working right now." Inwardly, I wondered whether that shouldn't be obvious: a blind person with a dog in harness in motion down the bra aisle in a store... And this was not an elderly lady. Am I just crazy to think that it should be obvious that a dog in harness in motion in a store is, indeed, working? Or should I stop my bra expedition to allow the public to pet because they're curious? If the person thinks she might be working, what would be the question in that situation? I try hard to understand people's curiosity; but this situation I never understand. To me it is the equivalent of me stopping a person and asking if they can chat or if they're walking somewhere. If they're moving, they're obviously walking somewhere. I wouldn't stop them unless I needed something they could answer (e.g. do you know where xxx is?)

On a more positive note, someone else asked if I knew when Mother's Day was.

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