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purse shopping

A week or two ago, I began hunting "the perfect purse" to organize my gadgets, meds, etc. I have a nice big one that almost does the job. But it is a bit heavy by itself and bulky--I bought it when I was carrying my laptop at times. So I wanted something mid-size. My two mid-size purses were just slightly too small. Mom had one that was a good size, but it was very soft and floppy. So off I went to the mall--and I figured that the perfect purse would be the last one I looked at.

Mom and I saw some really neat ones, including a fabric one with tons and tons of pockets and a matching mini purse (which would have made a superb braille display case). The only problem was the pockets were not deep enough for what I needed. So we continued looking.

I was right. The perfect purse was the last one. It has a velcro pocket on one side that fits the Brailliant, among other things. On the other side it has two pockets that are just the right size for the PDA and folding keyboard. Inside there is another pocket that is a good size for the Q. There is a zipper pocket where I can stick various small items; and the main part is big enough that I can store other miscellaneous things and have room to spread them around.

There is, indeed, such a thing as a purse for tech women.

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