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the good, the bad, and the very dramatic in technology

First, the good. I installed FineReader 9 on the new laptop. I had installed version 8, but it seems to have disappeared. That leads us to the bad, but first I will say that the interface in version 9 is very nice and a bit more user-friendly. Hopefully version 9 will not suddenly disappear...

My new computer worked like a charm for three weeks. I had a bit of a learning curve because it's a new machine with a few nifty new features, but it was really not so bad.

Then things started falling apart. My screen reader thinks it cannot see things most of the time. Every so often it fools me for about five seconds--you know, like the kid who says, "Ha ha! Made ya look! And then it goes right back to its weird behavior. This is really not good.

At first I thought the problem might be the new build I downloaded last week. I took it off and reinstalled the old one. This process went very badly on Monday night, and what should have taken 20 minutes--and been something I could do independently--ended up taking the whole evening and making me call my dad to come help.

It did not help. So I restored to the last time when things worked. That made things worse.

I finally got mad at the whole thing and continued my efforts on Tuesday night. No success. So I called tech support at Freedom Scientific yesterday. The guy was extremely helpful, stayed on the phone with me for an hour discussing this problem that is nearly impossible to describe, and we got it fixed. It was an issue with JAWS and video chaining which is apparently known to occur on Lenovo ThinkPads running XP. I was the happiest person in the world.

Then I took the computer off the docking station... Moved around in the afternoon, and didn't end up using it... Put it back, turned it back on... I was right back where I started. And settings had started vanishing--and so had Fine Reader 8.

Now you all know why finding my scanner driver online was the highlight of yesterday.

I spend another hour on the phone with tech support today. They are stumped. I am tired. I still had two books to scan... Later, I found a bunch of Norton keys in my registry... I also found errors in my event log indicating that my computer wasn't releasing things from memory when I restarted. I downloaded a user profile cleaner... Another hour down the tubes... No homework done.

Finally I begin scanning--and scan the wrong book. I'll use it later, but it's not time-efficient. I get the right book--and scan it in from back to front. It must be redone. I discover I don't have the other one--apparently I never bought it. I go and beg the library to let me have one of the reserve copies overnight. It will be back by 7:00 A.M. (Notice I am still awake.) I begin scanning the upside-down book again.

"No scanner driver could be detected..."


"Made ya look." I tried again, and it seems the computer is having a little fun at my expense. Yes, there really is a scanner driver installed, and it does work just fine, thank you.

The book gets scanned. I am now working on the library book. And reading the first book... I have to write a review, due on Tuesday. I still have assignments due in my prophecy class... And a paper due on Monday... And a take-home final due on Monday... My hands are not feeling so great, and m head hurts. I think I will not be sleeping much this weekend...

Would anyone like to trade lives for a while? Oh, wait... I already tried thinking about a new brain and decided I might not like the new one. I guess I'm stuck with this one.


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