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Did I say my computer was ok?

I was technologically functional until I rebooted. I called Lenovo, and they told me the same thing FS told me: do a reinstall of XP. They did not offer to send me an XP CD. They said I can press F11 during the boot cycle and go into a recover mode, and it may let me do a custom recovery and get rid of Norton. We will see... Since I cannot do this myself, I will take the silly thing downstairs and leave it with my dad. I am taking yet more time out of my day (so far two hours) to set up the old laptop, which scans very slowly. It will allow me to finish my homework and finals. We will go from there. So now I have two busted computers: an 18-month-old desktop and a four-week-old laptop. I am a bad technology magnet.


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