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end of day update

Whatever this is is moving along just as the last whatever did... The sore throat is gone. I have not really rested well today due to my dog being sick. My pain levels are now horrendous, and sinus meds are not doing much. I can't use my machine so don't expect much sleep... After the lost-count time taking Meg out in a big hurry down the stairs and beginning to feel like my fever was about to spike quickly, I begged my parents to keep her for the night and let me know what they observe in the morning. I anticipate a trip to the vet for a couple of days. Apparently dogs get viruses that go around, even when not exposed to other dogs; and apparently viruses do not always affect two people in the same way. *sigh* This is the fourth time in four months, and this time I can't blame it on an allergen. I really cannot afford the aftereffects of this, and despite being able to function adequately in my relationships I have to admit to some lingering fears regarding my trip in March and disappointment about my current state. I wanted to be in so much better shape for entertaining company right now!


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