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Go ahead, buy that Lenovo Thinkpad!

Let it be known!

I fixed my own technical problem, which has stumped level 2 tech support at Freedom Scientific. They advised me to do a clean install of XP, which I did. It did not fix the problem. So, of course, I was ready to call and start yelling at some people--if only I knew who to yell at.

It happens that while preparing to do the clean install, my dad noticed that my display had been rotated like a tablet PC. Very strange... I researched all kinds of possibilities for righting it. None worked. There should have been some control option for this somewhere, but there wasn't.

We went through the recover procedure, electing not to install Norton products. Of course, JAWS worked after install until I rebooted.

I went into the registry editor, fixed the display drivers just like we had done last week, made sure all the little settings in control panel were correct, etc. No deal.

I then went up into my system tray, trying to track down a mysterious window that kept opening. And there I found it: Graphics media accelerator for Mobile Intel 965 Chipset Family! I pressed enter on it, and I found all kinds of goodies: the rotation options among them. There was also an option to disable hotkeys. I disabled them, and what do you know! JAWS purrs!

I rebooted just to be sure.


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