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amusing story about traveling with a dog guide

kl1964 and I are at Starbucks. We did our order, and the lady was very nice and told us she'd bring it to us in a couple of minutes. So I told Loretta to find a seat, which she did. The table was slightly to my left. But there were two guys at the next table, which I had made her pass. Well, they started directing me to the right, and I was confused because there was no table there. I finally realized what was happening. The guys were directing us to the door! We were empty-handed, so they must have thought we were ready to leave. I said, "Gee, you could sit next to this beautiful dog and you want to get rid of us." We all got a good laugh out of it.    Since I just had some rather negative experiences with directions and my dog this morning, it was good to have a laugh.

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