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medical hodge podge

I called the doctor today about the CT scan of my sinuses done last Wednesday. There was an "obstruction." I suppose that means I have a polyp or something. So I'm seeing the ENT on April 11. Reading up on the treatment options, it seems I'll either be on some serious meds (like I need more) or have some kind of surgery. Neither option is very appealing, and the outcome doesn't look very promising. 40 percent of people with asthma and polyps reported ongoing relief after 18 months. That percentage doesn't seem very high to me.

I kept asking myself what gives with all this, what is different now from when I was in Florida and not sick. The only answer I can find is that when I was in Florida I was dosing heavily with vitamins and eating a much more strict diet. Now if I only had the energy to start that up again...

On the cold/firus front, I seem to be recovering well enough. I'm still coughing, but that's about it for now.

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