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catching up on updates

It's been a long day, but I am desperately in need of "me time" and want to update...

For the past couple of days, I've been frantically doing laundry, going through my regular mail, scanning a book, and packing for a trip--and the trip is a big deal. I'll be blogging from the road for the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday night, Mom and I were up late filling out paperwork for my SSDI application. That was a nightmare, and it really deserves its own entry. I had an appointment with the representative from the Social Security office yesterday. That needs to be discussed along with the paperwork. So I'll leave it alone for now--I'll be writing for hours when I do that entry, and I don't have the hours right now.

Last night I went shoe shopping. That seems like a trivial thing; but it isn't really for me. I hate shopping for clothing or anything related to it. That probably also deserves its own entry. For now I'll say that my feet are not typical women's feet. They are not even typical wide women's feet. They aren't really wide. But my toes are short, which means I can't wear most of the kinds of shoes that are "in style." The words "in style" generally make me cringe anyway. 'Nuff said for tonight.

I left the house this morning at 10:30--and I only left a handful of dishes behind. Unfortunately, as we were parking at the airport, I realized what I forgot. It was something important: my glasses. I'll make do without them for a few days, and Dad is shipping them to the place where I'll be staying next week.

Mom and I struck up a conversation with a nice guy at the airport. At first we talked about Meghan and dogs in general, but eventually Mom started going on about how everyone was talking on a cell phone and how it annoys her. Boy, would she have been annoyed with me during my layover in Baltimore! I sat around and chatted on my phone to keep myself from zoning out.

My flight took off on time. There was a young lady next to me and an older lady beside her. The older lady turned on her air conditioning thing and asked the younger lady if it was too much. "I'm and old lady with hot flashes," she said.

This made me laugh. "You're an old lady with hot flashes, and I'm a young lady taking meds that make me cold," I said, referring to my Topamax.

"Well, give me some!"

"Ok, I'll just give you a little pill."

"I AM a pill!"

In Baltimore, I heard the most amusing cell phone ring tone I've ever heard in my life! It's a man shouting, "Ring! Ring!"

On my flight out of Baltimore, I sat next to an engineer from India. We had a nice conversation, and I'll write aobut that in another entry also. (Sorry for the suspense. I'm very tired!)

I'm now in Raleigh, where I'll be giving a couple of presentations tomorrow at a conference for parents homeschooling children with special needs. I'm both nervous and excited. I always enjoy doing presentations, but due to my recent illness I've had much less time and energy to plan for this one than I would have liked to have. We'll see how it goes.


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