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today at the conference

It's been a long day, and I'm tired.

Presentations went well. The audiences were very small... The group for the technology presentation had six people, and two had come in because their kids had other disabilities (autism and dyslexia) and they were looking for technology solutions with multisensory output that would meet their needs. I deviated slightly from my outline, and we did a lot of small group-type discussion. I was very pleased with how this session went.

There was another session after my tech session, homeschooling the blind child during the elementary years. I sat in on this and really enjoyed it. My secondary years presentation followed, and I knocked a few things off because the audience was the same and Susan covered a few things in her presentation that I had on my outline. There were only four people in the room for these sessions, so we really got the small group discussion thing going. I didn't feel as well prepared for the secondary years presentation, but I covered a lot of material and I think it went very well. The small group format allowed for a much more personal presentation that I think was more meaningful to the attendees.

The keynote speaker this morning was Mel Levine. I really enjoyed his presentation, and I will have a lot more thoughts to post separately. I'm very tired, and I took copious notes... His presentation validated a lot of my thoughts about teaching and about working with people with disabilities, about how it isn't always possible or best to rely on the professionals or the results of professional assessments and how sometimes all that is needed to create an effective intervention strategy is a creative person who spends significant time with the person and has the ability to think from outside the situation. All this mumbo jumbo will make more sense after I post my notes.</p>

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