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doctor appointment

Four weeks ago I started Methotrexate. I am tolerating it well, I think. But my breathing is not ok. Last night I began to sound like I was headed for another episode of bronchitis without the fever.

My doctor gave me a Z-pack and a shot of steroids. Apparently the lump i feel in my throat is postnasal drip. "What could cause that?" I ask. Without any hesitation, she says, "Pollen." Needing this much asthma medication is new to me. Whether it is Mtx is something she can't guess at since I'm a new patient. She's getting my old records to review, and I go back next week. Oh, she's also doing the fight for my med coverage routine and gave me more samples in the meantime. So I can keep myself medicated for now. She also suggested me another pharmacy that would deliver my meds. I will call and ask questions. It would be convenient; but as I move toward graduation and entertain the possibility of doing some traveling as part of my ministry, it seems important to me to be able to get medications if I need them. That is one reason why I have continued using chain pharmacies. It was a good thing to know that I could have gotten meds while in Louisvilie if necessary.

It was nice to be able to say, "I can't sing," and know that she understood that this was the reason why I was coming to her. Singing and speaking is part of what I do. It doesn't work for me to have frequent infections that take away my ability to do this. I don't think I have felt that well understood since I was 15 years old. At that point the doctor gave me a med with a decongestant in it that took me from sounding like a man back to my relatively "normal" singing voice in 18 hours. No wonder they called it "the singer's drug." Now that I think about it, I remember having this constant lump feeling in my throat as a child. And I was always, always stuffy--until I started that medication. Too bad they took it off the market. I wonder what replaced it.


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