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sadly reporting the friends cut

Greek is starting on Monday, I still have Hebrew brush-up to finish, and I am still working on the summer project and deep housecleaning. Fall classes begin after Labor Day, and I am carrying a full load. I have close to 200 people on my friendslist. Therefore, I have engaged in the ever-unpopular friends cut due to time constraints. Please don't take it personally if you were cut. I had to choose to keep the people whom I had been reading the longest or had the most personal relationships with. It was difficult to make this decision because I would rather keep reading everyone. I will be checking in quickly at various points throughout the day and hoping the page has not filled up with memes. If you would like to keep reading, please do. I will continue posting public posts when I can, and you are welcome to drop in when you like. I am available via email--my address is in my profile--though my responses may be delayed due to massive amounts of homework.


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