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morning's doings

Dishwasher is run. Greek book is completely embossed. Kitty boxes are changed--that was not on my to-do list. Sermon outline is done and notes are sent to the church for printing. (This means I can put the sermon away for today.)

I am on a roll. The to-do list just may get accomplished today! I have two phone calls to make this morning and one later this afternoon. I have a rather huge housework project to finish--not necessarily time-consuming, but energy-intensive with much stair climbing. It is the removal of two bags of garbage and several boxes that have accumulated as I have ordered things over the last couple of weeks. I also have a load of laundry to put in (two flights down). If I don't crash by the end of those chores, I might get some academic work done. (I should really not mix homework and school work, but sometimes things like that have to happen.)

Much writing is in order today--at some point... Must remember to feed the person!

This is how life works lately...


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