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today's doings

This morning I went and taught my Sunday school class... It went better than I expected, and we had a guest. I stayed for the service even though I wasn't very inclined to. I ended up being glad I went.

After church, Dad came and met me, and we did new routes on campus. I am now set to go to Greek in a new building in the morning--and to go buy a muffin if I feel the urge. I'm trying hard to lose weight so don't know that this will be a daily occurrence; but I just can't see depriving myself on a regular basis, especially when the weather is so nice!

Since getting home, I've been setting this computer up for Hebrew and doing a bit of brush up. I also loaded up an Aramaic introduction in Libronix just to see what JAWS would do with it on the braille display. It looks like I could, in fact, use such a thing if I chose to. This is sort of encouraging, and there is a method to my madness. Some of my professors have been encouraging me to consider doing work in biblical studies. I have balked at it; but I am wondering if perhaps I should reconsider. It would allow me to utilize my knowledge of biblical languages; and clearly I am excelling in that area. It would be a shame to study and excel in an area just for the sake of personal enrichment, especially when I am so passionate about it. I appreciate the issues facing people who go into counseling; but maybe my role is to continue doing exactly what I have been doing all along: providing quality systems of support that empower people to work with counselors and health care professionals rather than trying to provide care directly to a few people at a time. Perhaps my true ministry gifts really are in preaching and teaching.

Obviously, I have been brainstorming in preparation for my meeting tomorrow. I'm still working on it. I am still looking at doctoral programs. I have strong interest in two programs. We will see what transpires.

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