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made it to Greek

I'm sitting in my Greek classroom. Yesterday when we did routes, the classroom building wasn't open, so we couldn't do the inside part. I had to wing it. Loretta made it from the seminary building over to the undergrad building where the Greek class is held with no problems. We had some difficulty finding the right room--the person who gave me directions didn't tell me there was a room in the corner of the intersecting hallway that we would encounter if we went too far. I found it, and the room number said 153 instead of 166. That threw me way off, and I tried to explore the whole rest of the building. I eventually went back to the outside door and just took some thinking time. The custodian had offered me some help, but I thought that since there were braille numbers on the doors it would just be a matter of locating the right one.

I'm pleasantly surprised to find that the chairs are like little baby school chairs: they have little baby table tops attached. (Guess they don't want anyone running off with the table tops.) They're just a good size for my baby laptop and baby braille display--it's a good thing such things exist! What I'll do when I lug out my honking big braille book I don't know. We'll cross that bridge when we get there.


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