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class update and Loretta's work

Loretta took a tour of campus during our break. I know what she did and I need to fix it tomorrow. Also need to troubleshoot all the people wanting to greet her and say it's ok when she greets them back. It may be fine with them, but it isn't fine with me. I need her attention on her work very seriously, and she is very "people happy." It's sort of like having a person working a reception job who loves to chit chat about fashion. If someone comes in wearing a gorgeous dress and the phone is ringing, the receptionist still has to answer the phone regardless of how badly she wants to know where the person got that dress. It's not ok for her to slack off, even if it is "her nature."

So the result of the detour is that I was several minutes late to class after the break. My professor was nice, and I had warned him about this ahead of time. But I really don't like this, and it isn't the kind of standard I want to hold myself to. Things can be a lot better.

I managed to write the Greek alphabet for the most part. There are some minor challenges, as there were with Hebrew. Dr. Shively is not familiar with the Logos Biblical Keyboard; so I am going to have to do some work before I can display this stuff and test this out. Again he is being very patient with me. We will have a learning curve, and that is fine. I'm not too worried about it since I've been through the process with Hebrew. It will just be a bit tedious.


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