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morning's doing

This has been a challenging morning for me. I woke up in a lot of pain and in need of my asthma meds. However, I have still not adjusted to adding 30 minutes to my morning routine in order to do a breathing treatment with the nebulizer. I took the taxi in so that I could use two hours to get ready; and I still barely had enough time. I think that being in pain really slows down everything I do.

I sat at the doctor's office yesterday for an hour and a half. Most of that time was spend waiting for a room to open up. Some of it was spent waiting for the doctor. I have been to the doctor four times in the last month! So much of my life is spent waiting! I wish I could have taken my book with me and studied! But I am at a point where I need to be making charts... If I was sighted, I would be highlighting. I'm not sighted, and I accept the need to make charts. I just wish that I had more time I want to stop the never-ending doctor visits, bloodwork, X-rays, etc, just for a little while, and get some real work done! Alas, it isn't going to happen. Next week I go and get more bloodwork done--to see if I have a bacteria that causes ulcers. Sometime toward the end of August, I go back again for a check of whatever they check when you're on Methotrexate. In September, I get my cholesterol checked again (because it's mildly high and I'm dieting). Speaking of the diet, today I will eat my last muffin until late September. *mourns*

On a more positive note, Loretta did not tour the campus this morning while going from the cafe to class! Good girl!!! That made me very happy. I learned something on the way as well: the reason why we got lost in the first place. It is really not such a straight shot between the two buildings--at least not the way I've been starting out. I may get brave and do some experimenting in the future. for now, I'm just glad to be getting to class!,/p>

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