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fun things

Stolen from aureolesia

Five Favorite Toys

  • stuffed cats--but I'm rather picky about the type

  • my Yamaha keyboard

  • my laptop and external hard drive

  • my scanner

  • my kitties

And a few more.

Five Snacks You Enjoy.

  • lemon bars

  • chocolate covered almonds

  • peanut butter M&Ms

  • vanilla yogurt

  • popcorn

What were you doing...

ten years ago...

  • getting my Inca as a kitten

  • changing my major to psychology

  • moving to a new apartment

  • going to school full-time

  • taking a trip to Michigan to look at grad schools

seven years ago...

  • recovering from eye surgery

  • meeting a friend for the first time after a year of online correspondence

  • writing a lot of journal entries that were VERY long

  • taking the last two classes for my degree

  • getting a new dog guide

five years ago...

  • getting another dog

  • working for

  • working part-time in the church nursery and day care

  • building a new friendship

  • moving into a new house

one year ago...

  • recovering from eye surgery

  • providing child care in my home

  • petting my cats a lot

  • working on writing projects

  • writing new songs


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