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Greek update

I have spent the entire afternoon trying to make JAWS read *ALL* of the Greek characters. When I looked at the braille table, I thought this would be a piece of cake because there were characters showing for all of the signs.

It wasn't a piece of cake at all.

I wrote the other day about precomposed characters in Unicode. Well, there are a ton of them. I really had no idea how many! There are characters that have three or four accents on top of each other! These may or may not display as one or two Unicode characters in Word. So I have been filling in lots and lots of Unicode entries in the table with their corresponding dot numbers. It's a very tedious process. The result is that at least I can read my own notes taken from lessons, and I can tell whether I am typing the correct letters now! This is dramatic improvement! It took me about half of the first term in Hebrew to make this much progress. Considering the fact that we're going much faster in Greek, I would not be so frustrated if I was taking a standard-length course. On the other hand, I might not be getting any other coursework done, just like I'm not getting much real Greek done!

Perhaps this weekend I can fly through a few exercises and do some work on my summer project. That would be nice. For now, I need some sleep. My head is killing me.


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