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morning's notes

Executive decision no. 1: Nebulizer treatment is going to have to move to nighttime. It's nice to breathe in the morning, but the jitteriness seriously interferes with my concentration and I think it is hampering my work in class. It may be worth noting whether Brovana can cause issues with pain control; but maybe I could sleep it off...

Now about Greek... I have managed to get JAWS to display all of my writing adequately, and I'm happy about this. There are still some minor issues with Word, but they are very minor things and won't affect me badly in the long run. If I can solve the general concentration issue, I'll be on the ball for real.

I am doing all right so far with vocabulary. Greek words often form the roots of English words, even if remotely. I can form some odd connections in my head for remembering things and that is helping me. This is one stressful thing off my mind for the moment--vocabulary is often my weakness when learning languages. It's nice not to have to worry about it this time.,/p>

My difficulty this time is with the number of extra braille symbols due to lots of accented letters. I don't remember having quite this much difficulty with Hebrew; but I've turned off my Hebrew brain at the moment and perhaps I'm just not thinking about it much. I'll get the hang of it with practice. It's just going to take time and lots of practice. This is the point where having an audio version of the Greek New Testament (not modern Greek) would be helpful because I could hear the pronunciation and get used to what these symbols are supposed to be. In print, you are at least getting the letter and the accents are consistent. This is a disadvantage of braille: the symbols really are not intuitive sometimes as far as I can tell. Then again, I haven't paid that much attention.

Ha! I'm in class... The professor just said, "Don't just lay your Greek book aside on Saturday and Sunday..." If he only knew....

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