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the sermon

Preaching went very well considering the one thing that threw me off. A certain yellow Lab/golden retriever cross decided to have a little fun. It was my fault for thinking that she would be a good girl and sleep through my sermon. I know better now! She decided to quietly get up and wander. I learned later that she went to visit an elderly lady in a wheel chair. Incidentally, her puppyhood included daily visits to a 92-year-old lady in a wheelchair. I guess Loretta has fond puppyhood memories!

Loretta's fun made for a great illustration. It also gave me a nice chance to practice improvising--and losing my place, and forgetting to go back to an important point. I'm not terribly disappointed considering this was my first real sermon outside homiletics class. The people at the church were very gracious with their feedback, and that makes me happy.

Dad told me on the way that he had been prepared to fill in for me in case I was ill. He didn't know what my topic was yet. When I told him, he did a double take. He had chosen the same passage!

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