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travel experiences

Kinda stolen from kl1964... The states I've been to--and a bit of back story... Now, KL, give me your back stories. LOL!

  1. Alabama: where we sat in a parking lot covered in ice in 1983 during a freak winter storm while returning from Indiana to Texas.

  2. Arkansas: Drove through occasionally on the trip to Indiana from Texas.

  3. California: Finally made it there in 2004 for a conference. Read about it on my web site.

  4. Colorado: Cousins live there, and I recall being there in some of my earliest memories.,/li>
  5. Florida: I was first there at Bascom-Palmer Eye Institute in 1977, attended ACB convention in Orlando in 1998, and then lived in St. Petersburg from late 2002 through 2004.

  6. Georgia: Attended NFB convention in Atlanta in 1999.

  7. Illinois: Drove through often with family on the way to Indiana, attended ACB convention in Chicago in 1994 and convention in 2000 and visited friends in 2000.

  8. Indiana: I live there, and Mom's family was there during my childhood... Made several trips during late childhood and teen years.

  9. Iowa: Attended ACB convention in Des Moines in 2001 and also drove through with my grandparents in 1987.

  10. Kansas: Visited friends with parents in 1981 in Wichita. Drove through, changed planes, etc. as well.

  11. Kentucky: Attended ACB convention in Louisville in 2000 and toured APH there recently.

  12. Louisiana: I was born in Baton Rouge and also spent the night in a bus station there in 1996 due to a freak ice storm.

  13. * Maryland: Changed planes in Baltimore recently. Does it count?

  14. Michigan: Too many eye exams there to count; visited a friend in Kalamazoo in 2000; trip to Ann Arbor in 1996.

  15. Minnesota: Vacationed there with grandparents in 1987.

  16. Missouri: Drove through often on the way to Indiana; changed planes often.

  17. New Jersey: Went there for dog guide training.

  18. New Mexico: Attended church convention there in 1994.

  19. New York: Visited friend there in 1994; attended a church meeting there in 1988; went there as part of dog guide training in 1991 and 9199.

  20. Nebraska: Visited family there in 1979 and 1987.

  21. North Carolina: Presented at a conference there recently.

  22. Ohio: Visited family there in 9189 and 1990.

  23. Oklahoma: Visited grandparents there often during childhood and teen years; lived there from 1973-1976.

  24. * South Dakota: Stopped somewhere for pie while traveling from Minnesota to Nebraska in 1987.

  25. Tennessee: Visited friends here in 1999 and recently; went sight-seeing in Nashville in 1989.

  26. Texas: Lived there from 1976-1998.


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