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Greek update

I'm taking a break from Greek, but Greek will likely continue all day.

I am working on the Greek quizzes and test that he could not send to me earlier this week. In my present frame of mind this is a daunting task. For one thing, I have a hard enough time still with the accented letters. Remember I just recently got them all to display, which was really an act of matching Unicode numbers to braille dot numbers and had nothing to do with letters at all so did not give me any practice in reading or memorizing letters. I've never experienced problems with reversals in braille, even with my other languages. I am experiencing problems with reversals in braille in Greek. Alpha grave and eta circumflex are mirror images in braille. Regular eta and alpha grave are upside down images of each other. Confused yet? I am.

Now about these tests.... His font dowsn't match mine. So all I see is his key presses. On a Greek keyboard, you use various keys to make accents. Since there is no v in the Greek alphabet, the v might be mapped to an accent character. But what I see, for instance, instead of the word δου?λοω, is the English characters douvlos. So when I test, I retype everything, assuming I can interpret it correctly, and then do the test. That is why it took me four hours to test last week. And I get so caught up in figuring out what these letters are supposed to be that I lose my ability to do the translations. My frustration tolerance is very low, especially today.

My professor asked me this morning if it would be better to have someone read the test to me. I thought about it. But that poses other problems. I've been doing Greek by looking at it, not by listening to it. It would still take me hours because I would have to type everything out and not have the benefit of the accents; and in the Greek language, accents can alter the way a word is read. This doesn't even cover the issue of not having a person on hand to read a Greek test. I am thankful for the nice professor who understands this is a tremendous challenge way beyond just doing Greek. My goal in taking this course is to be able to read in Greek, not just to pass the course. I appreciate that he understands that.


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