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Dish Network

If Dish Network doesn't stop bothering me...

I spoke to someone months ago asking to be removed from their call list. (I never get any telemarketing calls except theirs, and I don't remember whether I'm on the do not call list. Dad thinks I must be since I don't get massive amounts of other calls.) I still get daily calls. I've pressed 2 to be removed. I still get daily calls. So today I spoke with a rep again. I asked him to speak with his supervisor and advised him that if the calls continue I will be taking legal action.

I did some research and found a high number of complaints against this company for violating the do not call registry, calling people multiple times a day, etc. Supposedly there is nothing that can be done since they outsource their sales work. Even if I wanted a satellite dish, I now would not get one. It's a matter of principle.

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