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Dish Network calling, over and over and over

I just called Dish Network. Why? Because I'm STILL getting automated calls every day. Btw, Dish Network was just fined by the FTC for violation of the do not call registry. Their latest tactic is to place several automated calls at once and route the first person who answers to the live operator. This means that if you don't answer your phone in time, you don't get the live operator, which means you can't tell them you're not interested.

So I called and asked how long it takes to get off the list. Mr. no-speaka-English kept telling me what a great promotion this was, what great service it was. I said, "I am sure it is, but I don't want it because I'm tired of these calls and I can't afford it! How long does it take to get off your list?"

31 days. "So I'm going to keep getting calls for the next 31 days?"

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe tomorrow or the next day. 31 days."

My timer is going. If I get a call after 09/19/08, heads are gonna roll.


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