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the sound I will be sleeping to

There is a grasshopper or some such creature outside my window doing its rhythmic psst thing. I have the remnants of a migraine, which means that the sound is magnified. It is bringing back very bad memories of lying on a cot in a sleeping bag under some kind of pavilion and having one of those things underneath the head. *shivers* I think I must have been about 11 years old. I was at a summer camp for children with disabilities, and this was during our "camp out" night. That is all I remember except for the girl next to me having to call the counselor several times throughout the night because the girl next to her needed to be taken somewhere to relieve. Most of my memories of that camp are extremely positive. This particular night's memories are not.

Grasshopper, please go somewhere else!

Edit: The AC drowns out the grasshopper nicely. And Sierra cares that I get a good night's sleep.

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