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I actually want this blog to have some focus. My thoughts seem to have a theme that has developed over the last few years. How does disability impact my life and my faith, and how does faith impact my life in general and as a person with a disability? My faith calls on me to tell my story, and these are the things that make up my story. I don't like to think of disability as a central part of my life--and in fact the "blindness culture" often encourages people to think of blindness as "just a nuissance" or characteristic. But it isn't, and neither are the other conditions I face. They shape who I am, how I think and act, and how other people act toward me. In turn, my thoughts and actions and perceptions of other people's thoughts and actions toward me also shape who I am, how I think and act, etc. Thinking about that sometimes makes my head spin, but sometimes it's also an amazing thing to me--almost a mystery.

Now for some basics behind the cut...Collapse )

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