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Is New Orleans funny?

And if you haven't been over to read docbrite, go. Now.

For years people have told me that there are things I'm too sensitive about--because I don't laugh about them. That's because some things aren't funny. What I can't believe is that anyone would find Katrina funny... But apparently some people do.

Go read her 03/31/06 10:41 pm post.

Edit: It's the 03/30/06 post--thanks, puppybraille for letting me know I'm misinforming people. The subject line of the post is "hilarity in New Orleans."

A couple of things that stand out to me:

... Nobody who lives in New Orleans will be OK for a long time. And we're especially not OK
when we see our city turned into the butt of jokes by some idiot (Mencia, not you) who has no idea what he's talking about.

... Did you know they're still finding bodies in the Lower Ninth Ward? Corpses are always funny, especially when they turn up in unexpected places; we've all seen them flopping out of closets on those British sitcoms. The bodies in the Lower Ninth Ward are just skeletons, of course, buried under what used to be their homes. Sometimes the homes are in the middle of the street. Sometimes two of them have crashed into each other, blocking the street entirely. You can look into kitchens and see the refrigerators where the people used to keep their food and the tables where they used to eat it. You can see children's bicycles rusting everywhere. I'm sure there is a rich comedic vein here that I'm just missing somehow.

... It smells like
Katrina. Everything smells like Katrina. ...


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