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about dogs on campus

I'm cleaning out my university email... In addition to all my other computer issues, my email box is so full that I can't send anything. This is because I never clean out my sent items.

So here is a little tidbit that may be useful for new dog users who are also students on my list. Feel free to modify it for your own use if you want. This is the letter I sent out campus-wide when I started my work at AU while Meg was still working. I would do a bit of rewriting if I sent it out now... I don't like the last sentence. It sounds sort of off-putting to me, and I'd try to come up with something that is more socially enticing.

I am a new student to the SOT, although I am somewhat familiar with the campus based on my prior experience as an undergraduate student here many years ago. My dog guide, Meghan, is entirely new both to AU and to campus life. She did a great job learning her way around when the campus was empty; but working when it is full of people is presenting her with some real challenges because she loves people so much--and people love her right back! There are a couple of ways that everyone can help us out, and I would be very grateful for the help. First, as hard as it is, please pretend that Meghan doesn't notice you, even if you step on her. She is used to being stepped on in crowded areas--it's part of the nature of her work. Please don't touch or make eye contact with her, as these things encourage her sociability and take her attention away from her work. Most importantly, please don't feed her. She is on a very strict diet, and her health is vital to her work.

Finally, please do speak to me and identify yourself. I love to meet people and socialize when I have a bit of time, and I have many of the same interests and hobbies that some other people do. Whether they're the same as yours is something that we'll have to learn by getting to know each other, and I enjoy having friends with a variety of interests.


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