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morning's doings

I am propped up in bed with the nebulizer, studying. I will be propped up in bed all day, studying, nebulizing at least three times. I still don't have the new med from the pulmonologist I saw last week (a nebulizer version of Pulmicort). I did finally reach someone at the office, and she is checking on it for me. I would probably feel much better if I was getting my asthma meds at regular intervals. I still say it is cramping my style--I'm accustomed to running around and living a fairly standard life on campus, and I am now stuck at home propped up with my face attached to a machine for an hour and a half each day. This is taking some getting used to, especially since it causes significant tremors and fatigue. My emotional reaction is to wonder why on earth I am getting this degree if this is how my life is going to be. But I do still have a working mind and working hands and a working voice when I'm not on the machine, and eventually I will figure out this machine thing.

Since I've been hiding in friends-only posts, I should note for my public readers that I am back to daily headaches. I am working on a theory that I may be allergic to my yummy raspberry coffee. (Sarah, you may be getting the remainder of it at your next visit if I am correct. I bought another flavor and will switch coffees today and see if I can break the headache streak since the only thing I can connect to the headaches is the change in coffee.

My laptop is still visiting its new friend, the tech guy. I hope to hear something soon since this machine I'm working on is really not too stable.

Hopefully I can remain alert, retain what I am studying, and do some reflective writing. If I had a neural interface that I could use to write and edit, it might be intriguing. Then again, it might be disastrous. That could make a fun novel idea...

Ethics calls...

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