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It's no longer April Fool's day

You know those nights when you know you have to wake up early, so you sleep REALLY light because you're afraid you'll not hear your alarm?

I had one of those. I discovered my clock was set on a.m. after returning from TN. Oops! No wonder I didn't wake up from that nap on time the other day...

And on top of my night being an hour shorter (yes, I know I could go to bed an hour early, but then my day would be an hour shorter), someone rang my doorbell at 3:00 a.m.--or else my doorbell was just picking up phantom things because it's wireless. I've learned to tune out the alternate sounds that don't really indicate that anyone is at the door because they aren't the right setting. But this was the right sound.

Of course, I jumped out of bed thinking the alarm had gone off. Only why wasn't it still going off? It's the kind you actually have to shut off... Oh, that was the doorbell, and it's 3:00 a.m.

Now off for the real day... I'm tired...


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