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weather info and helpful hints for the curious

I'm on for a moment to post a couple of links. I've been hiding out in the basement with a radio, a bag of chips, a good book, the dog, my cell phone, a box of Kleenex, and essential belongings... A tip: when you get to the basement and the radio says there is a storm that is capable of producing a tornado and the storm is still 35 miles away, you do have five minutes to run upstairs, go to the bathroom, and grab a book and a bag of chips... Also, from the tornado veteran (been to the basement three times in one week just this spring), I do have a system. My essential belongings are easily grabbable: a file box beside the kitchen door with my important papers in it, my purse and laptop next to the bedroom door, which means I lean in and grab them on the way out of the kitchen. I get to the basement in 45 seconds or less if I don't stop to put on shoes...

Now the links... has a good presentation about tornado myths. Read it. Most importantly, do what you can. Having done that, breathe. Tornado threats don't frighten me like they once did--not after Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne... I do what I can do, and it's all over in a little while. It doesn't last for days on end. I can take one little pill to help manage the anxiety if I really have to, and the effect actually lasts long enough to get me through the event. I don't have to worry about evacuating myself--nobody evacuates because there is no time. It's frightening to think of the damage that could be done in a matter of minutes; but if it's done, it's done. When I lived in Florida, I was less concerned about the damage and losing my home than I was about the fear of not being able to get out while everyone else left me behind. That's what caused my PTSD. Here we're all in the same boat. So if you are afraid of tornadoes, take the time to learn how to live with them.

If you want to track your weather, will send you severe weather bulletins as well as seven-day forecasts. These are very helpful for me, particularly since I can't see the radar on the TV and radio stations are giving out very little info lately.

This is probably enough for now... I hear distant rumblings... Dad says it's mostly south of us, but I shouldn't be typing... Must be ready to shut down...


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