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Meghan and Inca's vet trip

Yesterday was mostly uneventful: I'm primarily just cleaning house and scanning books so I can go on a reading binge. However, Meghan and Inca went to the vet in the morning.

Meghan's weight seems to be relatively stable, which is good since I've taken her off doggy diet food and put her on Purina food for sensitive skin and stomachs. (It smells horrid but hopefully will help with her chronic ear infections.) I'm happy about the weight stability--she's been bouncing up and down quite a bit and was drinking a lot of water for a while. i was considering having her thyroid levels tested again, and we had also talked about the possibility of type 2 diabetes. But it seems that perhaps the water drinking was related to something else unknown.

Inca's health is apparently phenomenal for her age! The vet said that if he picked her up off the street, he would guess her age to be about two years old--she just turned 10! I am very happy about this report, and I hope it's a sign of a very long life ahead of my sweet kitty!

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