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memories of baking

Tried posting this yesterday, but it went to my other journal.

I just finished up looking over Facebook for the evening. My mother's status this morning said, "Watching Donna build an apple pie." I couldn't resist leaving her a couple of comments. In the first one, I said, "She built the pie? And all this time you've been telling me that pies are baked! I feel ... I dunno ... like my mommy lied to me or something. Very disorienting." (I've been baking for quite a long time, but it's fun to tease my mom.

Then I remembered... I really didn't always know about how baked goodies came about. When I was very young, Mom always used boxed mixes when she baked anything. One day my grandmother was baking something while I was at her house, and she told my mom that she was making it from scratch. I thought for a minute and said "Hmm... I guess you just get a box of scratch." So I left Mom another comment on Facebook: "I guess you just get a box of scratch."

I hadn't thought of that in years!

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