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Rachel Flowers' story

In 1998, I began chronicling the progress of a little girl who showed some rather amazing promise as a pianist and reader of braille music. Her mom and I had become acquainted on the braille music email group. The last update, until this week, was posted in 1999. The family's life had become very busy, and we eventually lost touch for a while. I would hear from them off and on, but I never updated the page.

The little girl is now 14 years old and was recently featured briefly on 60 Minutes. Disturbed about some aspects of the feature, I caught up with her mom again and got some updates, including recent videos. They are now posted on the original page below the original content. There are links to the various sections of the page to allow people who are familiar with her story to skip to more current updates. Rachel Flowers' story is posted at

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