Sarah Blake LaRose (3kitties) wrote,
Sarah Blake LaRose

Voice Post

530K 2:41
“Good morning, it's December and I haven't done something that I do every semester. It's, you shouldn't have told me that. You should have like let me believe that it was still warning. Now I'm gonna have a panic attack. This is Sarah Catherina these are my special guest and she's going to benefit from that little ritual. Sacrificed a child. Like sacrifice a lung. Anyway, my first semester I was writing papers and I was kinda going berserk and Alexis said you need some music to write to. To place(?) to write your papers too. So I made it up. And it goes like this. Oh get your paper done right now, right now. Get your paper done right now, oh yeah. Get your paper done right now, get your paper done right now. And make the professor say wow. He gave me a B he didn't say wow. Actually it was the german professor and he said, he said. That's good, that's good. Oh and then he said, ___ magical then historical. I'm so sorry. So, that's my, that's my little ritual that I do every time I'm writing paper. And now it's yours. I'll ___ forget the worm. Anyway for everybody else who is doing papers. Hopefully that helps you get them done. Goodbye. Frank the goat appreciates your papers ___.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post
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