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today's doings

It's been a very long week with various papers and other assignments due... Today I was set to lead the discussion on one of the two chapters we read. I somehow managed to get everything read in addition to working on papers. I wrote down some notes and copied them over to the Acer for taking to class. (First rule: there is a reason why I got a braille embosser!)

When I made it to class, I discovered that the Acer was not charged. How this happened I have no idea--it was on the charger all night. I had the first half of class to stew and panic about how I would do my presentation. It was nothing major: just a chapter discussion. However, I have tremendous difficulty with remembering things. Covering all the points would, I expected, be a nightmare.

When the time came for my presentation, I confessed to having a dead battery, and my professor made a joke about adding that to his excuse book. I got some assistance looking up some details I couldn't remember, and away we went. The worst casualty would be the quote on p. 94 that I had written down. I could remember that it was on p. 94, but I had no way to direct anyone to it since it was in the middle of a paragraph. I decided it would just have to go unread.

The discussion went much better than I expected. Somehow, I managed to remember the major points. Considering the fact that I am on several medications that cause memory loss, this was a major accomplishment all by itself. But the real miracle came toward the end of the discussion. A classmate who was sitting across from me and who had attempted to determine whether his computer's power supply would benefit me, opened his book and said, "There's a quote on p. 94..." He proceeded to read the exact two sentences I had written down. I could not hold myself back from shouting. What were the odds that he would have chosen those two sentences to read?

The seminary is up for reaccreditation, and the accreditation committee comes next week. I have been asked to be a part of the discussion with students on Monday. This is an intriguing opportunity.


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