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nebulizer review

I've learned a few things about the nebulizer. For those who wanted the info, it is the Micro Air made by Omron. The model number is NE-U22. I delayed in posting the info because I wanted to make sure it was actually usable--see below for problems and discussion.

The fact that it is nearly silent presents some significant challenges. It is impossible to determine when it is on or off if you can't see its light. This was a problem for me--I initially had the batteries in wrong but had no way to determine this. I got sighted help, and all is fine now. It makes an extremely quiet hissing sound part of the time, and the hiss gets loud when it runs out of medication. The problem with this is that it is deceptive. If you tip your head a certain way, the rest of the medication runs through and the hiss stops. I do feel the mist coming out, so that is one way I can check the battery if the environment is too loud for me to hear the hissing.

It says it delivers solution in six minutes. I'm not so sure about this. Then again, it also depends on the med. I don't really care as long as I'm not stuck to the wall.

The manual scanned nicely, but it is not a whole lot of help in describing how to assemble the machine. It is not hard, but I did one minor thing wrong at first.

If this week's experience is anything to go by, not getting enough asthma control can result in depression, fatigue, and paranoia. Really not a fun way to live.

I think I am now out of med. So I will post this and get on with my morning routine.

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