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setting goals

I am feeling well after aggressive treatment of yet another respiratory infection. This week, I have been working my way through a large pile of books to scan, most of which are required reading and/or research materials for next semester's courses. I am hoping to minimize the amount of scanning I need to do during the semester so that I can work in other places when necessary.

Of course, preparing for a new semester means setting new goals; and so does thinking about a new year. I have had a difficult time keeping up with my reflective writing during the last few months and have also not been retaining much of what I am reading. I am a reflective learner, and if I don't engage with the text through writing or talking it is very difficult for me to hold on to it for later use. So one of my priorities this year is to make better time for this process.

I read quite a few blogs; and this week I have seen a number of entries to the effect, "I read so many books in 2008." I really cannot fathom how a person could read some 150 or 200 books in a year. With my reading style it would be impossible, especially considering the kinds of books I tend to read. I don't really want to set a goal regarding number of books to read. However, I do want to set a goal about posting book reviews and reflections in keeping with my reflective writing process. This will not only help me retain what I am reading, but it will also help me to build up something I've wanted to work on for a while: a listing of recommended books on various topics of interest to me.

Last year, I did somewhat all right in the housework department. I had no major disasters. However, I need to do much better about keeping up with mail and laundry. I once had these things under control. Grad school has sort of consumed me, and I need a better balance. Once the scanning pile is gone (by Sunday or Monday), I will spend a couple of days doing deep cleaning, and then I can start fresh.

I can't exactly set a goal to stay healthy--my respiratory illnesses are somewhat beyond my ability to control. What I can do is set a goal to take meds faithfully and also address some nutritional issues. Getting the scanning pile under control will help in this area as well because I will be free to move around the house while I am reading. This will allow me to spend some time in the kitchen working on food. I hope that I can get back into a good pattern with nutrition. I think it would be extremely helpful.

I'd like to find some way to streamline my language study. I need to finish organizing some Hebrew notes and also start refreshing Greek. I am comfortable enough now that I could start using both languages; and keeping up my skills matters a great deal to me. I also need to get very serious about locating appropriate resources for French, German, and Spanish, even if I need to have them transcribed.

That is about all as far as my 2009 goals go. I could break them down further--there are quite a number of things I would really like to do. How practical any of them are I don't really know. Time will tell...


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